NORMAN ISLAND, The Caves are one of the most popular snorkel spots in the BVI.  Let us show you this beautiful spot at a time when the crowds are not there.  The legiondary Caves of Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’ are located on the west side of Norman Island.  As it is a national park this site is teaming with yellow tail snappers and sergeant majors.  The three caves each offer a different adventure from a long tunnel into the heart of the rock face, to an open caven to a spectacular grotto where you can swim in and walk out the other side.

Blackbeard with smoking mustache.

PETER ISLAND, Dead Man’s Bay.  Located on the north east side of Peter Island, south of the infamous Dead Chest Island.  Dead Man’s Bay affords a beautiful white sand beach ideal for chilling out in waist deep water or trying out our snorkel equipment over the eel grass where turtles graze.

COOPER ISLAND.  A delightful eco resort nestled on the north side of Cooper Island with restaurant, rum bar, coffee shop and boutigue which are easily accessible from the dock.   A perfect place for lunch on the comfortable deck loungers overlooking the beauty of the white sand beach.  This is the place to try a west indian roti.

THE BATHS. The Baths is a collection of massive granite boulders as large as 40 feet in diameter, with white sand beaches and secret rock pools. The cavernous surroundings are a result of the molten rock seeping up into the existing volcanic rock layers

JOST VAN DYKE.  Visit Foxy’s Bar and Boutique in Great Harbor and Soggy Dollar home of the original Painkiller rum cocktail … A sunny place for shady people on Jost Van Dyke’s White Bay.

WILLY T.  The William Thornton, or Willy T as it was affectionately know is the place for all wannabe pirates that want to walk the plank.  It is a floating bar and restaurant in The Bight, Norman Island.

THE INDIANS.  This spectacular and dramatic snorkel site is perfect for novice to intermediate snorkelers.  The Indians are four wigwam shape rocks rising out of the sea about half a mile north of Norman Island.  On the west side of The Indians a shear rock face drops to 45 feet.  On the wall there are growths of soft and hard corals with an abundance of reef fish and below you can see scuber divers and palagic fish cruising through.  On the east side it is much shallower at 15 feet with natural amphi theaters linked by an under water tunnel through which the more adventerous snorkeler may dare to go.  Coral gardens festoon the bottom under the boat making a stunning sight at the end of the snorkel.

GUANA ISLAND.  Monkey Point. At the southern tip of Guana Island is a beautiful rocky outcrop known as Monkey Point. After hooking a National Park mooring buoy, your vessel will be surrounded by hordes of bluestriped grunt and yellowtail snapper. As you snorkel towards shore, friendly yellow jacks are very curious and appear to adopt you as part of their school. What is most special about this snorkeling spot is the several sea turtles that make this day anchorage home. It is truly indescribable to gently swim behind one of these creatures as they glide ever so peacefully through the water.